Sensory Processing Difficulties

All about sensory processing difficulties...

Sensory Integration is the neurological process that organizes sensation from ones own body and the environment. It enables everyday life.  Sensory processing difficulties can influence self-regulation, movement, learning and interaction with others. (Allen and Smith 2011) 

It can interfere with skills that support performance, such as engagement and attention, as well as skills that enable the learning of new motor skills (Cosby, 2010, Jasmin, 2009).

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Sensory integration difficulties, Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Processing Disorder are all ways to describe the difficulty some people's nervous systems have taking in, integrating and making use of sensory information.  This changes how a person then responds to changes in their own body, the environment and how they interact with it and others around them.

Getting help is important is you suspect someone has sensory processing difficulties.  

This will usually involve a referral for specialist assessment and therapy including support.


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