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Accredited, High-Quality Sensory Integration Courses

About Us

Vision:  To provide world-class, transformational learning and a community of practice in the area of sensory integration

Impact: Our education changes the lives of people with sensory processing and integration challenges

Strategic Aims

  • The voice and the ‘lived’ experience of those with sensory processing and integration challenges are central to our educational and training provision
  • Our inclusive community of practice is supportive, engaged and dynamic in its pursuit of excellence
  • Our students learn flexibly through academically rigorous methods and innovative clinically focused materials
  • Our organisation is the ‘expert’ and ‘preferred partner’ for innovative initiatives and collaborations in the health, social care, education and third sectors

Guiding Values and Principles

Our culture:

  • Anticipates and looks to the future in a proactive, creative, dynamic, adaptable and productive manner
  • Embraces professional differences, valuing all members, roles and functions of the organisation equally
  • Is collegiate, modelling engaged, positive, respectful and professional working practices
  • Promotes the health, safety and well being of all associates
  • Commits to continuous professional development in line with the organisation’s needs
  • Encourages all associates to seek smarter work solutions

Sensory Integration Education is a thriving community of support for all interested in learning more about sensory integration and sensory processing. We are a world-class, international training provider of sensory integration courses,

Our focus, like yours, is the unique human being before you who is experiencing sensory challenges, and how you can help them to achieve their full potential.

Our purpose is to help you understand that individual and their challenges better; to improve your knowledge and therapeutic practice and to research and share ways to continually improve the understanding and treatment of sensory challenges.

We do all this using the proven framework of Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy. We have been doing this successfully for 25 years by training those who work with and care for people with sensory challenges and by supporting and disseminating research into Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy.

As highly experienced, practising therapists, educators and researchers, we understand your drive and passion for helping people and for life-long, life-changing learning. Our gold-standard, internationally-recognised, and university-accredited courses are developed by a team of ASI clinicians, curriculum designers and educators in order to ensure your learning is clinically focused and has the right level of academic challenge.

Our modular ‘pathway-to-practice’, leading to an MSc in Sensory Integration, was developed with and is awarded by the UK’s Sheffield Hallam University - internationally renowned for its academic research and development in the field of health and education.

We are proud to be a not-for-profit organisation, investing surpluses back into course development and supporting early-career researchers. We encourage, support, and disseminate research into Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy.

Worldwide Organisation: Our members from 105 countries

Our timeline

Board of Directors



Rosalind Rogers

Director of Education Strategy

and Innovation:

Dr Sylvia Taylor-Goh

Director of Member Services

Director of Business 
Development and Operations:

Director of Education Programmes:

Our Partner: Sheffield Hallam University

Sensory Integration Collaborative Course Lead,
Sheffield Hallam University Placement Lead:

Colette Fegan


Begun in 2010, Fellowship of Sensory Integration Education is awarded to individuals in recognition of significant and sustained contribution to the organisation. 

Valerie Cribbin

Dr Elizabeth 
Sue Delport Sue Allen  Dr Greg Kelly
 -2001 -2011 -2013 -2013 -2013 -2019

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SI Network, Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, UK


We are a not for profit organisation. SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd trading as Sensory Integration Education. Established 1994.

Company registration no: 05068304  Copyright 2021

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