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Would You Like to See Greater NHS Provision Specific To Sensory Difficulties?

23 Feb 2021 16:42 | SIE News (Administrator)

The pandemic has challenged the NHS to work in new ways to make sure people get the support they need. Now the NHS wants to hear the public’s views and experiences of accessing and using NHS-commissioned health and social care services to help shape how Allied Health Professionals deliver care in the next few years.

The invitation to join the online conversation is open to everyone over the age of 16 in England and is called AHPs Listen. The Allied Health Professions (AHPs) comprise of 14 distinct occupations including the occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and physiotherapists who are eligible to train as Sensory Integration Practitioners, as well as art therapists, dietitians, drama therapists, music therapists, operating department practitioners, orthoptists, osteopaths, paramedics, podiatrists, prosthetists and orthotists, and diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers.

The NHS wants to hear what’s important to you about how you receive help with your health, how Allied Health Professions working in health and social care can offer the best possible experience, how they can help you stay well and how technology might help in the future.

If you would like to see greater NHS provision specific to sensory difficulties, then this is your chance to make your voice heard.

You can join, completely anonymously, at the AHP Listen website here: https://ahpslisten.org/welcome

You can join the online workshop from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. You can visit as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a time that suits you. Everyone can read, rate and comment upon the ideas of others. The project opened on 22 February 2021 and will run for 4 weeks.

Professionals Will Get Their Chance to Comment Too

A second online conversation will take place in May 2021 for the Allied Health Professionals to respond to the themes that were identified by the public. Later in the year, a third conversation will open where both citizens and Allied Health Professions can come together to let the project organisers (Clever Together) know they have interpreted everything correctly.

This combined input will create the basis of the new strategy for Allied Health Professionals, co-created with citizens and professionals. Once finalised, this will replace the AHPs into Action strategy which was produced in a similar way 5 years ago and has run its course. The new strategy will be published in Spring 2022.

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