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EmphaSIze October 2015

27 Sep 2015 16:54 | SIE Support (Administrator)

From the Editor:

As I write this, I am still on a high from the many wonders of ESIC 2015. I hope that those of you who attended ESIC 2015, or viewed it online, will feel this too. We were wowed by inspirational speakers, developments in work settings and research, as well as poster presentations, equipment and resources. 

Speakers demonstrated how SI can be delivered for the benefit of an ever broadening clientele, in any setting, through creativity and innovation; and how the SI research-base is ever strengthening. Sponsors’ exhibitions gave us the opportunity to look at and try out a range of equipment and books, both new and familiar. We were updated on progress towards the Ayres 2020 Vision; and a call went out for more people, in more countries, to become involved.  

The SI Network UK & Ireland launched a book, “Life Changing Learning through Sensory Integration” and new initiatives called ‘Sensory Live’ and the ‘No1therapist’.  Meanwhile, 255 delegates from 23 countries had the opportunity to meet, share knowledge, establish connections, and to enthuse one another.

The Thursday workshops provided the opportunity for delegates to learn directly from some of the world leading SI therapists: Zoe Mailloux, Roseann Schaaf, Diane Parham and Tina Champagne.  

This month’s EmphaSIze focuses on Trauma and Attachment.  Neuroscience has demonstrated that, when a person experiences extreme trauma, this can impact use of the higher, thinking functions of the brain, fight / fright / flight behaviours can dominate, and trauma can be ‘held’ in the body. Sensory Integration informed approaches have been found to really help this client group to recover.   

This edition has been enriched by ideas drawn, in part, from Tina Champagne’s workshop and Eadaoin Bhreathnach’s presentations at ESIC 2015. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

The ESIC baton has been handed to Elizabeth Soechting from Austria as we look forward to ESIC 2017 “Integrating Research with Practice” in Vienna (June 1-3 2017). We hope to see you there!  

Cathy Warne

Editor, EmphaSIze

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