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28 Oct 2015 19:37 | Anonymous

At ESIC 2015, Dr Greg Kelly (Course Director of the SI course at Ulster university) showcased his fascinating new tool for his students that he has called ‘Brain+’. 

Brain+ in Laymen’s terms is essentially an online learning tool created for students at Ulster University on the SI Modular Pathway, who struggle with the complex neuroscience side of the SI course. As it is an interactive learning method, the hope is that it will simplify the trickier parts of the course whilst making it more enjoyable to learn. 

It allows students to take a 3D journey through the brain and central nervous system to gain a clear visual of its structure, whilst applying context of the neuroscience of sensory integration behind it. 

In total Brain+ has five main sections, including two sections where students can rotate and watch instructional videos to explore the brain and central nervous system which is a sensory processing section. These videos put the tricky neuroscience in context with sensory integration via a scrolling online lecture. 

Along with the 3D brain models online, there are hands-on group tasks where students work in teams to build models of the CNS. By providing a variety of learning strategies through different forms, Dr Kelly is able to meet the needs of different students and their learning styles. 

Once the students have completed the core part of Brain+, there is a quiz worth 30% of their module mark to test them on how much of their new found knowledge they have absorbed! 

The tool is currently only available to students through Blackboard which students can easily access on all devices including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.  However, Dr Kelly hopes to make it more readily available from other mediums such as the SI Network website very soon… Watch this space! 

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