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New SensorNet now Available

15 Jul 2016 15:27 | SIE Support (Administrator)

The latest issue of SensorNet magazine is now available. Please log in to our website to access your copy here.

Your colleagues and friends can also access SensorNet by joining the SI Network for free here.

The July Edition of SensorNet focuses on the use of Sensory Integration within Mental Health:

  • A letter from the Chair - Rosalind Rogers, summarises the happenings from the SI Network since the last edition.
  • The Big Interview – Kath Smith, Occupational Therapist and Director of Learning in the SI Network, talks to SensorNet about how a Sensory Integration approach can be adopted into clinical practice.
  • Practice Based Feature: Clare Omoyele and Claire Smith, Occupational Therapists, both speak to SensorNet about how they have incorporated Sensory Integration into their practice within the mental health setting.
  • ASI 2020 Vision– Brief summary on where the project is at and how you can stay up to date on developments.
  • Sensory Integration online learning – We find out more about what the SI Network has to offer online.
  • SI from around the world –Tina Champagne shares her views on how far SI has developed within the mental health setting and details a case example on how Sensory Integration made a positive change.
  • Lecture Notes – Andy Reeves, shares his learning experience from the “Sensory Integration for Mental Health and Wellbeing” course.
  • Sensory Integration Network Out and About –Summary from the Ayres Sensory Integration study day hosted by the Speech and Language. Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.
  • Learning from the students perspective – Jenny Quinn, Occupational Therapist, shares her SI Module 4 Case study with SensorNet.
  • Research updates - References and abstracts for recent articles related to sensory processing and neuroscience.
  • SI Network Research Vacancy – Details on a job vacancy within the SI Network is provided for readers to apply.

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