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New Roles for the Network with appointment of two Sales Managers

27 Jul 2016 15:32 | Anonymous

We caught up with our two new Sales Managers to find out more about their roles and responsibilities.

Mel has been a member of the Network for a while, she recently left the NHS after 10 years as an OT, to work as a private OT where she currently has a contract with a special school. Mel is a fully qualified OT who has just completed SI2-3. In her spare  time she is a keen weightlifter and salsa dancer, based in Derby. When the job advertisement appeared with the Network it was a question of right place, right time.

“I realized it would give me a chance to still keep a hand in clinical role while also trying something new and challenging. After being an OT in the NHS for 10 years I never felt I quite fitted into the NHS model. I am pretty competitive and very passionate about business and wanting to do more. I am in a fantastic position to be able to use my own experiences of training in situations to share my personal story, which I think will help me sell.”

She believes that the biggest thing going for the SI Network it its brand. As she explains. “Its stands us in really good stead, it was always the big thing that appealed to me. When I was looking to do some training, the accreditation of SI Modular Pathway carried a lot of weight. The fact that we offer that and courses for those that want to just dip their toes in is such a strong offer.”

Having worked in sales and marketing running her own School of Sports Massage for over 20 years, Gill brings plenty of commercial skills to the role.

Based in Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Gill will be responsible for looking after the south of the UK and has been tasked with opening doors in large organisations, both private and public sector, for the Network to deliver bespoke training.

Gill joined the Network as a member earlier this year looking for support with her 8-year-old adopted son who has sensory issues through early childhood trauma. She was already exploring movement therapies for her son and found the network was offering training for parents. When the advertisement for the vacancy came through it was a stroke of luck and too good an opportunity to miss.

“The work of the Network is vital to help people understand, train in and receive therapy for sensory integration issues” she says. “I am pleased to be able to use my skill set for such an exciting organisation that also gives me a chance to give something back.”

Exciting times ahead and we watch this space! 

Melanie Homan, Sales Manager

Area: Scotland, North & Midlands:


Tel: +44 (0)7835 198155

Gill Tree, Sales Manager

Area: South, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland:


Tel: +44 (0)7783 338114

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