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World recognised SI Modular Pathway celebrates more graduates

28 Sep 2016 12:27 | Anonymous

We are pleased to announce the new graduates from the class of 2015-16 who have successfully completed Module 4 of the SI Modular Pathway, in association with Ulster University.  

Their hard work and efforts all paid off and they have now achieved official status as Sensory Integration Network Advance Practitioners - an outstanding achievement!

Two delegates were also acknowledged for their outstanding results this year.

For the PGCert: Giannella Attard from Belgium with an average mark of 88.5% - the highest marks across modules 1 and 2/13.

for the PGDip: Ciara Feehan from Northern Ireland with an average mark of 79.25% - the highest mark across all four modules and the research modules.

The SI Network's Director of Postgraduate Education, Dr. Sylvia Taylor Goh, said; "The quality of the work which these award-winning students submitted was excellent and real cause for celebration. It was fantastic to see such a wide range of students from all over Europe and different practices including SLT and PT on the course this year.

“We look forward to continuing to build on good work and foundations already laid in bringing the opportunity to become a fully accredited Advanced Practitioner in SI to even more people worldwide as the programme moves into the online learning space.”

Well done to everyone who gained Advanced Practitioner status as listed below.

 Atkinson, Carol 
 Jones, Tamsin
 Beck-Harmen, Scarlett  Kirton, Jessica
 Blackman, Marion  Lanigan-O'Keefe, Carolyn
 Boisseau, Morwenna  Loveridge, Andrea
 Broderick, Emer  Makdisi Elias, Lana
 Burgan, Hannah  Mocrei, Emma
 Camilleri, Ema  Moore, Joanna
 Carlier, Gemma  Nicholas, Sarah
 Chamberlain, Vivienne  Pratchett, Sian
 Cormier, Rebecca  Quinn, Jenny
 Curtis, Rachelle  Quinn, Jessica
 Curtis, Simon  Ruttledge, Aideen
 Davie, Amanda
 Skehan, Yifat
 Farrow, Sean  Snowdon, Emma
 Garrity, Sarah  Stokes, Claire
 Griffiths, Susan  Thomas, Angela
 Hazard, Karen  Trudgian, Rachel
 Hazlehurst, Michelle  Veira, Moira
 Hollely-Barik, Miriam  Walsh, Jenny
   Warne, Catherine

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