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EmphaSIze Newsletter October 2016

01 Oct 2016 18:48 | SIE Support (Administrator)

Strictly Sensory Integration

Welcome to October’s newsletter! 

Kate and I are the new co-editors and are very excited to be bringing you all the latest news and resources from the SI Network. To meet us and see what we look like waltz over to the website.  Speaking of waltzing, we hope all our UK readers are enjoying the latest TV series of Strictly Come Dancing? Watching the grace and fluidity of movement of the dancers we are in awe of the amazing levels of sensory integration they have (or in some cases the lack of it!). 

For those with Dyspraxia, coordinating every day movements must feel a bit like trying to master the complex moves of the Argentine Tango, or perhaps the jive, on a daily basis. October 9-15th is Dyspraxia Awareness Week so this month we are bringing you both dance and praxis resources to reflect these events. The combination of music and movement that dancing provides, gives not only sensory and physical input, but mental benefits too.  It can therefore be an important coping tool for some living with mental illness - a topic observed annually on 10th Oct on World Mental Health Day.  

Kate Bradley and Nikki White

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