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SI Strategies in Psychiatric Intensive and Acute Care Settings

01 Jan 2017 00:54 | Anonymous

Advanced Occupational Therapist and SI Practitioner, Fiona Taylor and her colleagues from the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS University Foundation Trust, have been working on using SI strategies in the psychiatric intensive and acute care settings for adult patients.

The psychiatric intensive care unit have been trialling the completion of sensory profile assessments with mentoring support from Fiona, who is based within the community Learning Disability team. These assessments have identified common themes such as the significance of environmental factors in the individual’s response to sensory stimuli.

The profiles help the team identify ways to use SI strategies to help everyday living for adults living with mental health issues. The team create sensory profile assessments which are then shared with the wider multidisciplinary team to become a part of the patient’s wider recovery intervention plan.

The ongoing research will provide an evidence base for the effectiveness of sensory integration with adults. These impressive new strategies caught the attention of the publishers at the OT News who published an article on their work in November 2016.

Fiona told us; “It’s really important to get this success story out there. There’s so much focus in the field of sensory integration and mental health on children so it’s great to have an example of it being practiced and working with adults for a change. It’s also another great way of raising awareness of how you can approach mental health issues as a OT.”

The work of Fiona and her colleagues signifies important developments in the use of sensory integration with adults and considers the governance structures around SI across the trust. We look forward to hearing more as the research progresses.

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