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New Course! The Art of Therapy: Play and Relationships

23 Jan 2017 23:26 | Anonymous

Sensory integration practice, as developed by Dr. A. Jean Ayres, is both a science and an art. Ayres described the art of therapy as the skill of eliciting the self-directed involvement necessary for brain's organisation. 

According to Ayres, great skill is needed to elicit such involvement. While she brilliantly described the essence of that art in her writings, Ayres left us with few hints on the process by which we develop such art as clinicians. Yet this is not a trivial issue, since only self-directed action crates changes in the developing brain.

How is a therapist practising Ayres' sensory integration to learn to practice artfully, in such a way that she empowers clients to organise their own brain? Where did Ayres' ideas about the art of practice come from?

This two-day  workshop explores the roots of those ideas, and using contemporary and current literature offers strategies for reflection and action to guide seasoned and novel therapists to enhance the art of their practice.  Its main theoretical sources are playfulness theory, self-determination theory and child-centred play therapy.

This is a practical workshop comprised of lecture, role playing activities, active reflection, video analysis and group discussion. Be prepared to have fun and go deep inside!

Date: 14-15 July 2017

Venue: London

Fee: £370 (member price) Payment plans available.

Audience: This course is aimed at therapists  both new and experienced, with some training in sensory integration who are interested in expanding the art of their SI practice. 

Lecturer: Judith Abelenda, MS, OTR

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