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Meet an International Member - Stephanie Azzopardi

26 May 2017 14:36 | SIE Support (Administrator)

Over the last month, the SI Network has welcomed students from all over the world into our online SI Module 1 community.

This month, we spoke to Stephanie Azzopardi from Malta.  Stephanie is one of 3 students from Malta, who decided to embark on the SI Module 1 journey together.  We caught up with her to hear more about her background and her experience of the course so far! 

What is your professional background?

I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Occupational Therapy with the University of Malta. Just before my graduation, I participated in a three-month internship with Coventry University where I was working as an Occupational Therapy trainee in a community development setting. Following my graduation, I started working in a private paediatric clinic in Malta. I have been working in this setting for almost a year now, during which I became increasingly interested in children's sensory processing and decided to enrol for Module 1 of the SI course to enhance my knowledge for practice.

What are your professional areas of interest?

The work of an occupational therapist has always been close to my heart. However I have developed a soft spot for the occupational therapist's work with children and young adults, particularly when working on sensory processing as well as social, behavioural and emotional difficulties. I intend to enrol for a Master's degree in either sensory integration or social and emotional difficulties depending on how SI Module 1 of the SI course goes!

How did you find out about the online SI Module 1 course?

I found out from my employer and colleagues who had initially sparked my interest in the course. We soon decided to enrol and go through the experience together to support each other :)

What has been the most valuable aspect of the course so far?

I love that I can go through the slides at my own pace and I also love how well-explained each unit is both verbally and diagrammatically. It has been excellent that we have the opportunity to brush up on our knowledge on neuroscience before we move on to sensory processing. In that way we are truly linking theory to practice. This will also help us when we will need to explain our work to our clients so that it will not just make sense in the heads of us occupational therapists, but also to those without an occupational therapist background.

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