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Do you have a sensory integration Top Tip?

16 Jul 2017 22:13 | Anonymous

Have you created a useful SI leaflet or developed an original SI activity / game to use in therapy sessions or with a child at home?

Do you use a piece of standard equipment in a unique way to encourage sensory integration? If so then we want to hear from you! Share your ideas with us and the top resource / tip each month will feature in the August 2017 EmphaSIze Newsletter and you will win a £25 Amazon voucher.

July 2017 Winner:

We love how Louise from Suffolk utilises a table during therapy sessions. Well done Louise. You win a £25 Amazon voucher. 

‘Most of us therapists have access to a table in clinic, hospital, schools or client's home. I am a huge advocate for using affordable and accessible resources and educating parents in this. A table is a great tool and can be used in many ways, some of my favourites in clinic are;

  • Stick a dot-to-dot under the roof of the table, have the child lay the on floor and ask them to join the dot-to-dot.
  • Stick a picture of a leopard under the roof of table and ask the child to stick on the spots.
  • Turn the table upside-down and place a colour, number or letter on the base of each table leg. Have child stand in the middle of table and call out the colour you want them to turn to, various games can be played.
  • Put a sheet over the table and make a dark den.
  • Wrap a bungee around the chair leg to do resistance work.
  • Tie string to the chair leg and do threading in sitting, high kneeling or prone’ position.

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