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Children with ADHD More Likely to Have Increased Sensory Challenges

31 Oct 2017 11:57 | Anonymous

Children with ADHD more likely to have increased sensory challenges, shows new study

ADDitude magazine reports on new research which links sensory issues like delayed tactile processing to ADHD in children. The study, published this month in The Journal of Neurophysiology, examined 129 children between the ages of eight and 12, approximately half of whom had been diagnosed with ADHD. All children underwent tactile functioning tests where weak levels of vibration were applied to their fingers.

The children with ADHD had much slower reaction times to the vibrations, the researchers said, and were less likely than the control group to feel the weaker sensations applied to their fingers. The study’s authors hypothesized this was due to higher levels of inattention and lower levels of neurotransmitters that regulate nerve function: http://bit.ly/2lpzMLc

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