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Clarification of the Legal Structure of SI Network, and Notice of Adoption of Up-to-Date Articles of Association for a Company Limited by Guarantee

03 Nov 2017 16:14 | SIE Support (Administrator)

To Members of the Sensory Integration Network (UK & Ireland):

I have asked that this Position Statement outlining the status of our organisation be put on our website, in order to inform all our membership as to how this organisation’s governance is structured.

Chair: Board of Directors, Sensory Integration Network UK & Ireland

Date: 3 November 2017

Position Statement

Clarification of the legal structure of SI Network, and notice of adoption of up to date Articles of Association for a company limited by guarantee


In 2004, as a growing not-for-profit organisation promoting quality education in Ayres Sensory Integration, SI Network adopted the legal structure of a private company, limited by guarantee. It remains in this format today. The name of that company is Sensory Integration Network (U.K. and Ireland) Limited  (“the Company”).

SI Network has a large, active and highly valued membership: these people are members of our network and not legal members of the Company per se.

In compliance with good governance practices, SI Network has reviewed its governing body*  and has adopted appropriate modern Articles of Association**  suitable for a company of this nature.

Position Outline

  • As we have grown as an organisation and responded to new challenges***, we have reviewed the management requirements to ensure that the roles cover the necessary mix of academic and business skills to take the company forward.
  • The revised structure is made up of the Company’s Board of Directors -Chair, Postgraduate Education, Research, Membership, and Business Operations.
  • The legal members of the Company are the five directors of the Company under the new structure. These corporate legal roles should not be confused with SI Network's highly valued network memberships who are not legal members of the company.
  • Annual General Meetings have for some time now no longer been required to be held under company’s legislation and to the extent that they are held would be attended by the full Board, which are the legal members of the Company, only.
  • In order to clarify the roles and obligations of the Board and legal members of the Company, the Board of Directors adopted new Articles of Association for a company based largely upon the model articles for a company limited by guarantee, under The 2006 Companies Act. These Articles of Association comply with all legal requirements expected of a not-for-profit organisation.
  • We have created this simpler, clearer structure to allow SI Network to continue to thrive and evolve in response to the needs of our network membership, whilst complying with good governance best practice.

*Governing Body - made up of the directors who have a legal responsibility for the company and ensure it carries out its activities properly

**Articles of Association -  rules which set out how the company is run, governed and owned.

***This refers to changes in the range of providers and in the funding sources of training.

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