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Meet an SIE Member: Therezien Mizzi

20 Jun 2018 09:00 | Anonymous

My name is Therezien Mizzi and I live in Malta. I have been working as an occupational therapist for around 15 years.  I work mainly in paediatrics but I also manage the OT services (including paediatrics, physical rehabilitation and geriatrics) at the hospital where I work.  I have completed my Sensory Integration training in the UK, with the SI Network.   By following the SI Network’s programme, I was able to obtain a Diploma in SI from the University of Ulster.  I am currently reading for a PhD at Cardiff University, where I am looking at child-friendly outcome measures for Occupational Therapy in Malta.

I have been attending SI conferences abroad for a number of years.  These include the SI Network Annual Conference in 2012 (Tring), the SI Network Annual Conference in 2014 (Birmingham), the European Sensory Integration Congress in 2015 (Birmingham), the European Sensory Integration Congress in 2017 (Vienna), and the latest one being the International Sensory Integration Congress (ISIC 2018) in May (Cape Town).   

ISIC 2018 was a very positive experience where I had the opportunity to update my knowledge on SI research and to get to know about the overall developments in SI, including the progress in relation to ASI 2020 vision.  Following such conferences I always return to work with some new ideas and approaches.  During ISIC 2018 I also had the opportunity to meet up with my ‘SI family’.  Such international conferences always offer great opportunities for networking, where you can connect with other practitioners (and with the leaders in the SI field!) from a variety of areas. 

This possibility of building new and global relationships is very rewarding.  You get the opportunity to discuss research as well as your own practice.  I see it as a real investment in my career. 

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