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EmphaSIze Newsletter November 2018

01 Nov 2018 23:14 | Anonymous

Welcome to the November edition of EmphaSIze.  Autumn is in full flow here in the UK and Ireland, so we are thinking about indoor and seasonal activities, such as Bonfire Night.

Also, with Occupational Therapy Week (in the UK and Ireland) on 5 - 11 November, and World OT Day having just passed, we celebrate occupational therapy in sensory integration.  We would love to hear your stories and see pictures of anything you have done to publicly celebrate sensory integration here, or on Facebook and Twitter.

A number of you answered last month’s firework question and all gave good advice.  Thank you everyone.  We particularly liked Maureen’s answer which we thought was most personalised to the parent who asked the question.  Can you answer this month’s question about regulating sleep patterns?  Send us your suggestions and you could win a £25 Amazon voucher.


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