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SIE students celebrate their success at the Winter Graduation ceremony

13 Dec 2018 10:21 | Anonymous

Congratulations to over 100 Sensory Integration Education students who were awarded their MSc, PgDip or PgCert in Sensory Integration this week at Ulster University. The modular Master of Science in Sensory Integration course was the first, and remains the only, kind of its course in the world being a university-accredited pathway to SI practice with academic credits awarded for each module.

Aideen Ruttledge, Jannie Laverie and Emer Broderick attended the Ulster University Winter Graduation at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, on Monday 10 December 2018, where they were presented to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Nixon, for their award of Master of Science in Sensory Integration and to collect their certificates. Over 100 SIE students gained awards on the MSc SI modular pathway this week.

From left to right: Aideen Ruttledge, Jannie Laverie, Dr Greg Kelly, and Emer Broderick with her son Ronan.

We send hearty congratulations to all of the following students:


With Distinction

Moira Veira.

With Commendation

Emer Broderick, Gemma Carlier, Rachelle Curtis, Jannie Laverie,  Kathryn Rowley,  Aideen Ruttledge.



With Distinction

Sanjeev Badwal, Madeleine Dewis, Catherine Warne.

With Commendation

Frances Critchley, Signe Dimitriades, Rachel Swatton.



With Distinction

Hannah Aitken, Leisa Allinson, Jemma Baker, Victoria Bayes, Karin Bayley, Debbie Bissell, Jennie Brooks, Rachael Busby, Nancy Buttling, Penny Calder, Carey-Anne Carlyon, Frances Clark, Sophie Cockell, Rebecca Collis, Keira Deane, Rachel Deighton, Elizabeth-Ann Erasmus, Caroline Finch, Rowena Fox, Susannah Giles, Abigail Hancock, Kiera Haughley, Melissa Homer, Emily Kellett, Claire King, Katy Kitson, Emily Kobelis, Felicity Marriott, Alicia Marzahn, Susan McGill, Lucy McGregor, Katherine McSweeney, Eveline Milne, Laura Murray, Ricky Netting, Una O’Farrell, Hollie Patroni, Claire Portener,  Catriona Power, Fiona Prior, Lucy Robertshaw, Donna Susan Ross,  Elisheva Salomon, Rebecca Seaman, Jennifer Shorter, Sarah Skinner, Emily Stiles, Janice Thorne, Dianne Waters, Alexa Wilcock, Natasha Woollard.

With Commendation

Carla Atkins, Charlotte Axton, Sarah Barker, Jennifer Beal, Paul Bloomfield, Sophie Brummell, Amanda Byrne, Jennifer Champion, Aranzazu Cobo-Gines, Amanda Ebdon,  Fiona Evriviades,  Rachael Gartland, Kerry Grady,  Rhona Harkness, Joanne Harries, Jamie Hooper, Nicola Jenkins, Shirley Jones, Chantelle Lambert, Hannah Learner, Emma Lynne, Donna McElhinney, Caroline Elizabeth McGloin, Justine McManus, Catherine M’Crystal-Fletcher, Sandi O’Neill, Julia Pollock, Louise Reid, Debra Robinson, Faith Rollins, Teresa Jane Ryan, Warren Sandells, Malene Sogaard, Rachael Thompson, Christine Tout, Rosana Tuck, Alice Ward, Lesley Wilson, Katie Witt.


Nimet Altiok,  Debra Divell, Louise Holdsworth, Danielle Longden, Helen Mason, Ela Powezka, Mary Read.

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