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Dementia and Sensory Challenges

20 May 2019 14:45 | SIE News (Administrator)

Each month of our Jubilee year, we’re focusing on a different sensory-related theme. In May, our focus is on older adults and sensory integration. We’d like to share a valuable little booklet called Dementia and Sensory Challenges, distributed by the Life Changes Trust.

This project was instigated by Agnes Houston, who lives with dementia, and who wanted to raise awareness of how to live a positive life with dementia and sensory challenges.

The author, Agnes Houston, says:

“I was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer type nine years ago. I expected the memory issues, but when I started to have sensory challenges I did not know what was going on. While campaigning I have had the privilege to speak to others with dementia and discovered I was not alone.

“Others had these issues but very little had been written about them, so in desperation I decided to write a booklet in the hope of enlightening others to the sensory challenges some people with dementia may face.”

You can download the leaflet here.

There’s also an accompanying video of people living with dementia explaining in their own words how it feels and how they can be helped.

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