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Exploring yoga as a sensory-based intervention for children with sensory processing difficulties

11 Oct 2019 11:07 | SIE News (Administrator)

Would you like to learn more about the shared ground of yoga and sensory integration therapy? And how yoga poses and exercises can complement SI therapy to help improve the lives of children with difficulties with sensory processing and integration? We’re thrilled to have Mel Campbell, Occupational Therapist and an Advanced SI Practitioner speaking on this topic at the Sensory Integration Education Autumn Conference in Birmingham, UK (16 November 2019).

Mel Campbell has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. During her journey, she took some time out to bring up her children and found herself studying yoga as a way of developing her own self-practice. This led her to becoming a teacher in yoga.

Returning to her profession as an OT after her break, she found herself drawn to the study of sensory integration. She has always been interested in neurology and fascinated by the brain and this approach seemed to make so much sense to her. The more she studied the theory of sensory integration, the more she found her two worlds of being a yoga teacher and an advanced sensory integration practitioner merging.

Mel has completed Sensory Integration Education’s MSc in Sensory Integration with Ulster University and chose “Exploring Yoga as a Sensory Based Intervention for Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties: A Systematic Literature Review” for her MSc dissertation topic

She is also a published author of the book “The Yoga of Pregnancy” and has created a Sensory Processing Yoga DVD which shows yoga techniques for alerting, calming, motor planning, postural stability, breathing and guided relaxation.

See the full conference programme here with details of how to book your place.

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