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Reinvigorate your therapy practice with these 7 New Year’s Resolutions

29 Dec 2019 20:31 | SIE Support (Administrator)

Have you thought of making New Year Resolutions to reinvigorate your sensory integration therapy practice? You spend a large proportion of your life at work, so why not focus on making it the best experience possible for you and your clients and colleagues. We’ve suggested some areas below but we’d love to hear your career resolutions too!

1. Stop procrastinating.

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do to enhance or change your career, write a list of steps you are going to take to achieve it, and commit to taking action on a step a day or week as appropriate. Research that area. Book that course. Apply for that position.

2. Meet new people.

New people bring new opportunities. Overcome your shyness and make time to network (virtually or in real life) with people in your field or the field that you aspire to. You might even have fun! If you want to dip your toe in the water with online networking, we have a friendly, professional and inspiring community of people on our Facebook SI Groups and we host an annual SI Autumn Conference in the UK for sensory integration students and therapists.

3. Volunteer.

Can you use your skills (career or otherwise) to volunteer at a local group, home, shelter or school? Ensure any work you do is covered by your professional insurance. Volunteering is a great way to boost your esteem, confidence and CV whilst giving back to your community.

4. Set yourself career goals.

You set your clients goals within therapy because you know that it helps to track progress and motivate, but do you set yourself small, manageable career goals, specific to you, that build to a big achievement? Come on, grab a pen and set down your long-term goal, with the measurable outcome and the timeframe for achieving it. Then write down the short-term goals (with specific details and time frames) that will support you in achieving your long-term goal. Now put this list somewhere you will see it every day to remind you of your direction and commitment.

5. Get involved in research.

Contributing to your field’s body of evidence and seeing your name listed in a published article is pretty thrilling and rewarding. Sensory Integration Education offer support and advice for SI researchers as well as the opportunity to pursue a UK university accredited MSc in Sensory Integration which involves engaging in an independent piece of research activity under the guidance of a supervisor.

6. Remember self-care.

The very nature of your job involves being an active listener which can be draining if you don’t have an adequate debriefing process. Your workplace should have appropriate provision for staff’s mental wellbeing: if it does, get involved; if it doesn’t, lobby for it. If you work for yourself, then building time in your working week to reset your mind and body will pay dividends.

7. Make CPD fun!

Set out your continuing professional development goals for the year. Check what your professional body’s CPD requirements are (and the level of evidence required) then set goals that support your wider career goals. If you can make them enjoyable, you’re more likely to achieve them. Are you looking to keep up with the latest research (ahem, such as listed in our monthly newsletter EmphaSIze, biannual magazine SensorNet, and daily social media posts)? Get a research buddy or two, then agree to read the same article or book each week and discuss it (over a coffee, online, it really doesn’t matter as long as you do it).

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