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Applying SI Therapy Principles With Older Adults - Live Online Training Day

18 Mar 2020 16:52 | SIE News (Administrator)

Do you work with older adults? We have converted our workshop day on Applying SI Therapy Principles With Older Adults into a live online training day. You can access and interact with this live-streamed training event via the internet. Our experienced lecturer, a practising therapist, will present an overview on the ways in which therapists and carers can combine Sensory Integration therapy into personalised and everyday life activities for those living with organic brain disorders, such as dementia.

You will be able to join in the discussion and ask questions directly to our lecturer by typing in the chat section of the screen and join in the interactive tasks. We promise it’s easy: you do not need to download any special software and you don’t need a camera or mic. You just need an internet connection on a tablet or computer and sound (speakers or headphones) to listen to our lecturer. You access it via your normal internet browser.

At a time when care homes and facilities for older people are limiting visitors, we’d like as many people as possible to understand more about sensory challenges for older people and strategies for adjusting the environment, working with their sensory needs and use of age-appropriate equipment and ‘toys’. For that reason, we’ve cut the cost of our standard fee from £95 to just £45. For a live, interactive 5.5 hours of continuing professional development this is exceptional value - and available without the need to travel.

Here are more details about this live event:

Applying SI Therapy Principles With Older Adults - Live Online Training Day

Friday 24 April 2020

9.00 am (GMT) start. The course will finish at 2:30 pm. There will be 3 sessions of 1.5 hours with a 30 minute break between each session.

Open to all, this training event will be of particular interest to occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists new to sensory integration, as well as nurses, social workers and other health and social care workers delivering therapy or care to older adults - particularly those with dementia and other organic conditions.

  • Learn about brain science evidence that supports the theory of sensory integration and sensory integration difficulties
  • The training day will look at how therapists can use their skills and knowledge in a range of settings including working in the community, care home and inpatient
  • Understand what happens in the brain and body in healthy ageing and in neurocognitive disorders
  • Develop the skills to identify behaviours which challenge participation and might be helped with a sensory integration approach
  • Produce personalised and individual sensory treatment plans embedded in everyday familiar activities
  • Explore ways in which the environment can be adapted, to be more dementia and sensory friendly spaces
  • Understand the role of sleep in optimising brain function

Details on how to book here.

Here is what some previous attendees of the classroom version of this course have said:

“A very clear overview of sensory processing in older adults and what your role can be without being SI trained.” Clare Harrison, Therapist.

“This course will definitely help you to better understand some of the challenges we face as OTs when working with people with dementia. Once you understand more, it is easier to put appropriate strategies and interventions in place and develop a better sense of what is appropriate and why.” Workshop attendee, Therapist.

“It has improved my knowledge and confidence in treating patients. My patients will benefit hugely from the knowledge I have gained (in fact, they already have this morning!).” Alice Smith-Connor, Therapist.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It has given me skills and ‘fresh eyes’ to interpret observed behaviours.” Participant, Therapist.

“The training was really helpful in terms of increasing my understanding of our client group but also my own professional development. It has enabled me to think about my clients from an SI perspective and consider that certain patients’ presentations and behaviours could be explained by sensory problems.” Participant, Therapist.

“Definitely do it if you work with adults with special needs and dementia.” Alison Power, Equipment Designer.

“An increased awareness of the impact of too much or too little re: sensory thresholds. And the use of proprioception re: SI approaches. Prior to the course I would have focussed more more on the visual and auditory!” Participant, Therapist.

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