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Can I Train in Sensory Integration Therapy Online?

19 Mar 2020 11:00 | SIE News (Administrator)

Is it possible for therapists to train online to become SI practitioners? That’s what we asked ourselves a few years back, as a training and education provider in SI Therapy since 1994. After careful research, we concluded that, yes, the taught component of education in SI could certainly be moved from the traditional classroom to innovative online learning courses incorporating videos, vignettes and interactive challenges, facilitated by support from an Advanced SI Practitioner eMentor and peer group - and all fully assessed to UK university standards.

By combining this online learning with the important ‘real world’ application to clinical practice hours, supported by expert guidance from a Clinical Mentor, this two-pronged approach would offer students an incredibly rich and versatile training pathway. It's ideally matched to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Today, our initial vision has become a reality that is proving highly successful.

So, if you are an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or speech & language therapist, based anywhere in the world, you no longer need to take time out of your week to travel to a venue, sort out parking, accommodation, childcare, work cover etc. Instead you can access, 24/7, the very latest thinking and training in sensory integration theory and practice from your desk, sofa or kitchen table - with much of the content even easily accessible from your smartphone.

You can network with a wide group of peers in your cohort to share experiences and ideas in a dedicated online forum.  You can ask for support and guidance from your personal eMentor (an experienced Advanced SI Practitioner) and be confident of a rapid response. You can submit your assessments online. And when it comes to organising how to implement your clinical hours of practice, we’ll give you suggestions of how to make it work in your particular setting and put you in touch with a team of Clinical Mentors to choose from if you don’t already have a suitable one of your own at work. If your clinical hours requirement falls within the period of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, we have agreed a contingency assessment plan with our accrediting university to ensure you will still meet the learning outcomes of the module and qualify as a SI Practitioner.

We launched our first online training module in SI in May 2017, basing it on our world-class practitioner training that had been running since 2000.  Today, you can take our postgraduate online practitioner training pathway all the way to PG Certificate, PG Diploma or Masters’ level, depending on your aspirations.

As a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to SI education and research, we have invested thousands of pounds and hours in creating, and continually updating, our online training in SI. The curriculum was designed by highly experienced educators and advanced SI practitioner clinicians, working together with international SI experts to provide student learning that is both clinically-focused and academically rigorous.

It’s flexible, rewarding and innovative and has been carefully designed to build your knowledge and skills from SI Practitioner to Advanced Practitioner, and on to an MSc in Sensory Integration should you wish to progress this far.

Each module you successfully complete gives you easily-transferable, academic credits. You can defer modules to suit what’s happening in your life. All modules are UK university-accredited and accredited by The CPD Standards Office. We even offer interest-free monthly payment plans and accept the following currencies: GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD and USD.

Research (Dixson, 2015) shows that the most effective online learning courses include considerable learner-to-learner and tutor-to-learner communication: your online learning experience with us involves challenges to complete within your cohort’s online forum as well as regular contact with your eMentor. We’ve also found that genuine and ongoing critical friendships are forged in the forums.

This is what one, initially sceptical, student fed back to us: “I was really concerned about doing online learning having done [previous modules] in the classroom. I have really enjoyed the learning method and it is working so well I would recommend it. I also love that you can access the taught information for a year so have the flexibility to back over things whilst cementing new learning into practice.”

Find out more about your opportunities to begin your SI practitioner training journey with us here.

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