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100 Free Courses for SI Founder’s 100th Birthday

17 Jul 2020 11:07 | SIE News (Administrator)

Dr Jean Ayres, the Pioneer of Sensory Integration Theory and Therapy Would Have Been 100 Today!

18 July 2020: Today marks the centenary of sensory integration founder Dr Jean Ayres’ birth. To celebrate, Sensory Integration Education is giving away 100 courses to the first people to sign up to the following entry-level courses.

Wow! All the free course codes in honour of Jean Ayres' centenary have now been used but we are still running our special offer prices on these two courses..

Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties Online Course £10


Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration for Parents and Carers £5

Jean Ayres, a US occupational therapist and psychologist with a strong understanding of neuroscience, initially developed the theory of sensory integration in the late 60s and 70s. Jean Ayres was interested in explaining how difficulties with receiving and processing sensory information from one’s body and environment could relate to difficulties at school or using one’s body to engage in everyday life. A prolific and published researcher, Jean received many awards during her lifetime and since her death in 1988. Throughout her career, she continued to practice sensory integration therapy in her clinic benefiting hundreds of children and their families, as well as the many therapists whom she mentored. 

We have chosen to give away 100 courses in honour of Jean Ayre’s 100th birthday as a fitting tribute to this inspirational scientist and therapist. This giveaway forms part of our wider Legacy Project: a written, oral and photographic record of our organisation’s rich history to inspire and inform current and future SI practitioners, researchers and educators.  

In the run up to Jean Ayres’ 100th birthday we have been publishing quotes by and about Jean and her life’s work on our social media channels: you can see the full suite of artwork here. https://www.sensoryintegration.org.uk/News/9107852

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