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New Online Courses Launching in 2021

23 Dec 2020 13:49 | SIE News (Administrator)

Like you, we hope 2021 brings the return of so many things: live sporting and cultural events; travel; get-togethers with the people you like, love and care about; and, simply, just greater freedom and a sense of normality. But, as well as ‘getting back to normal’, there are so many areas where we can move forward to improved daily experiences and this has been our motivation to launch these new online courses in 2021:

Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration in Adults with Learning Disabilities

This online course is aimed at parents and carers caring for adults with learning disabilities. This short course will help you better understand the senses and how we process information from our senses. It will introduce you to what sensory issues can look like in an adult with learning disabilities behaviour and engagement, and give you a toolkit of ideas on how to support a person’s sensory needs at home.

Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration in Teenagers and Young Adults - A Guide for Parents and Carers

Aimed at parents and carers of teens living with sensory processing and integration challenges, this online course will introduce you to what sensory issues can look like in a teenager’s behaviour and engagement. You will come away with a toolkit of ideas on how to support a teen’s sensory needs at home.

Sensory Integration and Trauma

In addition to our regular live, online training day SI, Attachment and Trauma, we are launching this new online course aimed at professionals working in health, social care and education. It focuses on younger children through to teens but staff working with clients outside of this age range will still be able to apply concepts to their areas of work. The online course will provide professionals with an understanding of how trauma and attachment influences sensory processing and integration, as well as how using this knowledge can help them better understand the clients that they work with.

Sensory Integration and ASD

This online course is aimed at professionals who would like to develop or further develop an understanding of sensory integration within the autistic population. This course aims to develop participants’:

  • understanding of typical presentations and sensory integration and processing needs of autistic children;
  • ability to use knowledge of the different subtypes of ASD (eg PDA) to support the selection of sensory-based strategies;
  • awareness of how sensory processing difficulties affects a child’s participation in daily activities, including feeding, school functioning, community participation and dressing; and
  • awareness of when to signpost to a qualified Sensory Integration Practitioner.
Sensory Integration and Mental Health

Aimed at professionals working in mental health services, this online course will provide participants with an understanding of how sensory integration and processing relates to everything we do in our day to day living and how this can apply to people living with mental health difficulties / diagnoses. It will describe sensory integration and processing difficulties in layman’s terms and support participants to start to recognise participation challenges, often seen in people with mental health difficulties / diagnoses, that would be potential red flags that could signify a difficulty. It will discuss when to refer on for a full sensory integration assessment. And finally, it will look at sensory related environmental factors, activities and lifestyle choices which will support or add to protective factors for the person living with a mental health difficulty / diagnosis.

Supporting Individuals with Feeding Difficulties. Sensory Integration in Practice. A Multidisciplinary Perspective.

Feeding is one of the most complex things we require our bodies to do because it involves every sensory system integrating information about our body and the world around us.

This course is aimed at therapists, dieticians, psychologists and teachers working with children described as fussy or picky eaters and those with feeding difficulties or challenges.

The course will be delivered by Laura Osman, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Advanced Sensory Integration Therapist, Feeding Therapist and Teacher and Louisa Hargett, a Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist, Advanced Sensory Integration Therapist, Feeding Therapist and Teacher. Laura and Louisa are experienced in conducting complex multidisciplinary team feeding assessments and intervention for individuals and for school wide feeding interventions.

This course will provide you with a multidisciplinary perspective to understanding the complexity of feeding and will provide strategies that will inform therapeutic and educational planning to support children with feeding difficulties to improve their relationship with food.

By attending this course, you will learn the theory and what it means in practice. Teaching and learning will be supported with engaging presentations, photos, videos, quizzes and clinical discussions between Laura and Louisa.

As part of the course, you will have the opportunity to sign up to an additional live webinar with Laura and Louisa who will be able to answer questions and deepen your knowledge of applying Sensory integration in practice to support individuals with feeding difficulties.

Look Out for Booking Opening Announcements

All these courses are accessibly-priced and accessible 24/7 online for your convenience. Comprising interactive slides, voice-over, animations, videos, quizzes, a written transcript and many resources to download, our online courses have built a reputation for outstanding quality and value for money. Join Sensory Integration Education for free today to receive notice when these courses launch or follow our social media channels.

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