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Accredited, High-Quality Sensory Integration Courses

SI and Special Interest Groups for Professionals

SI and special interest groups support therapists and other professional members through the development of local networks. These provide opportunities for sharing research, understanding sensory integration  and promoting excellence in practice.

  • Develop and support local networking
  • Providing opportunities for members to support each other
  • Create possibilities for peer support and mentoring
  • Encourage review and dissemination of published research and articles of interest
  • Share ideas, innovative and emerging best practice

Start your own group

Did you know you can get a grant of £100 towards the setting up or running of a local Sensory Integration regional group?

What you have to do:

  • Find a least 5 colleagues who are SIE members.
  • Contact us to let us know your group name, contact person, regional area, meeting dates etc.

What we do:

  • Send you £100
  • Publicise your group's activities on the website and in the EmphaSIze Newsletter email.
  • Offer a private Forum group to meet up virtually.

Co-ordinator Role

All groups will need to identify a co-ordinator, who will help organise local meetings and study days etc. For example:

  • Setting up dates and venues for the year
  • Co-ordinating the organisation of meetings
  • Arranging the ‘Speaker Schedule’ and communicating with visiting speakers
  • Arranging opportunities to hear feedback about recent courses; books, equipment and research article reviews, Journal club
  • Submitting feedback and meeting dates for publication in the EmphaSIze Newsletter and website 

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We are a not for profit organisation. SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd trading as Sensory Integration Education. Established 1994.

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