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DTI Sensory Modulation Series & Positive Behavior Cards

by Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS, OTR and Betty Paris, PT, M.Ed

Dynamic Therapeutic Interventions (DTI) - Holistic, focused, outcome-driven approach utilizing treatment strategies and frameworks to help children reach their maximum potential across all environments.

These quick, concise reference guides are indispensable for therapists, teachers, and parents. These laminated cards describe the characteristics of each type of modulation disorder, making it easier to identify the child with modulation difficulties. They provide concrete, positive and easy to implement activities that are proven to address the underlying sensory behavior. Secondary behaviors and their relationship to sensory behaviors are also explained with constructive strategies offered.

Mount them in an easily accessible spot to reference them as you need. Colorful, two-sided, laminated and durable, they are full of practical and useful information.


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