Understanding Sensory Integration Difficulties in Everyday Life

"Clear delivery of information with good resource material and opportunity for sharing ideas and experience."

"I now have a deeper understanding of sensory needs, how these affect children and families on a day to day basis and realistic strategies to try in various environments."

"If you have some basic knowledge of sensory issues, then this is an excellent course to deepen understanding and encourage clinical reasoning around suitable strategies."


This course will provide a deeper understanding of sensory integration and Autism, exploring how sensory integration difficulties impact development, learning and participation in daily life.

Over 3 days you will learn how to spot possible indicators of sensory integration difficulties, exploring ways to adapt the environment around the person and strategies to use at home, school or in the workplace.

 Summary: Therapists, teachers and parents consistently report that sensory integration issues are a key feature of problems such as Autism spectrum conditions and empirical evidence is now emerging in strong support of this. 
Sensory integration difficulties may effect a person’s ability to:
  • attend and learn
  • move about and do things in a coordinated and well organised way
  • manage emotions and interpersonal relationships
  • respond to and behave in a way that others expect.
Includes Strategies for Home and School.
     Audience:  Open to all
     Length:  3 days - Registration will open at 9.00 am for a 9.15 am start. The course will finish at 5:00 pm.
     Fee:  This course is offered at our customers' sites on their preferred dates. £8,600 for up to 30 people.  See more information here.
     Lecturer: One of our team of experienced lecturers who are all practising therapists.


    The objectives of the course are:

    You will learn about Ayres’ Theory of Sensory Integration and how sensory integration is critical to early learning and development.
    • You will explore the brain science and research that now supports and underpins this theory. This includes new research about the strong links between Autism and sensory integration.
    • Personal stories and case study from children, adolescents and adults who have autism and difficulty integrating sensory information will support your learning.
    • You will learn about strategies to use at home, school and work to support people with Autism and sensory integration difficulties.
    • Working in small groups you will use personal experience of supporting or working with individuals to consider their sensory integration difficulties and consider and plan ways to implement simple strategies to improve their health and well-being and ability to engage in activities of everyday life.
    • You will learn about Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy and how to support and enhance the work done by therapists trained in Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy. This will include case study where you will see therapists work with individuals with sensory integration difficulties to improve attention and focus, coordination difficulties, emotional and behavioural challenges in specialist sensory integration clinics.

    Who should attend?

    Parents, teachers and other caring for those with autism and sensory integration difficulties.

    On-site training

    Save up to 60% off scheduled course fees and save staff travel/accommodation costs and time away from work

    Up to 30 attendees: £8,600
    Up to 40 attendees: £10,600
    Up to 50 attendees: £13,200
    Up to 60 attendees: £14,200

    Fee includes:
    • Quality on-site sensory integration training delivered by our experienced SI Network lecturers who are all practising therapists.
    • On-line course manual and resources.
    • Attendance certificate for Continuing Professional Development records.
    • Course feedback from your delegates to measure success.
    • FREE Gold or Silver 2 Year SI Network membership for each attendee, valued up to £70.00 per person.
    The customer will provide a suitable venue and catering, plus any marketing for the course. The course is delivered by 1 lecturer for up to 40 attendees and 2 lecturers for over 40 attendees. Lecturer travel/accommodation costs are included within the fee.

    We can provide this training in the UK and Ireland only. No VAT payable as the SI Network is not VAT registered.

    To find out more information and enquire about dates, please complete our on-site training request form. 

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