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"I loved the combining of OT SI theory with parenting/ attachment theories. I felt it offered very practice based interventions which were tried and tested. I found the videos and case studies really useful."

"Working with babies/toddlers/children with special needs always brings up sensory, sleep and feeding issues. This course helped me to understand these issues better and provided me with some tools to address them."

 Summary: Assessment and treatment of infants with sensory integration problems and disorders of regulation.
 Audience: The course is aimed at therapists and non-therapists, who work with infants, with a basic knowledge of SI.
 Length: 2 days - Registration will open at 9:00 am for a 9.15 am start. The course will finish at 4:30 pm.
 Fee: Silver/Gold Member Fee: £398 (instalment plan option available)
Bronze Member Fee: £530.67
A light lunch is included. Accommodation is not included.
 Lecturer: Megan Faure, Occupational Therapist


The course will cover a variety of aspects of infant intervention, including early emotional development, sensory integration and the infant, the assessment and treatment of underlying SI problems and functional issues such as sleep, feeding and behaviour.

We will briefly cover the theory of SI and the development of modulation. Thereafter we will take an in-depth look at infant regulation and the disorders of regulation of specific areas such as mood, sleep and feeding.

Day 1

Sensory Processing and Infant Temperaments

  • Sensory Integration & Sensory Modulation
  • Sensory Profiles
  • Relationships
  • The mother-infant dyad
  • Attachment
  • Goodness of fit
  • Signals

Regulatory Disorders

  • Infant Regulation & Regulatory Disorders


  • Infant Interpretation Worksheet
  • The Initial Interview
  • Test of Sensory Function In Infants
  • Functional Emotional Assessment
  • Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile
  • Interpretation

Day 2

  • Intervening in the mother/infant dyad
  • Working through the mother
  • Home programs
  • Sensory Diet
Emotional and Engagement Difficulties
  • Background
  • Theory
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
Sleep Problems
  • Background
  • Theory
  • Assessment
  • Intervention


Assessment and treatment of infants with sensory integration problems and disorders of regulation.

Sleep, feeding, play and regulation of mood are the occupations of young infants and toddlers. These occupations are strongly influenced by the infant’s modulation of sensory information and his relationship context. A fussy baby, a toddler who does not sleep well and a little one who is a difficult feeder is a challenge for any mother. Occupational therapists are in the unique position to address fussy infant behaviours by looking at the sensory and emotional aspects of early childhood. According to DC: 0-3, a diagnosis of a regulatory disorder in an infant or young child requires both a distinct behavioural pattern and a related sensory motor, or organizational processing difficulty. The processing deficit interferes with the child’s ability to manage a calm, alert or emotionally positive state. – G Gorden Williamson PhD Monie E. Angalone ScD OTR.


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Megan Faure

Occupational Therapist

International Lecturer, South Africa based.

Megan Faure BSc, OT, OTR is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in pediatrics in the USA and South Africa for more than a decade. Megan regularly lectures to both professionals and parents on various baby and childcare issues, in particular how to help infants with extreme fussiness, poor sleep habits and feeding problems. Megan is the founder and chairperson of the Infant Sensory Integration Training group, which provides courses for therapists to equip them to understand and treat infant behaviour.

Megan is a journalist and author in the field of child psychology, parenting and child development. Passionate about her work and research into the field of infant development, particularly sensory integration, Meg felt that an understanding of the way a baby processes her world and the impact the sensory world has on sleep, feeding and development needed to be communicated to parents. She co- authored Baby Sense which has been translated into 4 languages and is a best seller. She followed this book’s success with Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense and Your Sensory Baby. Megan writes for several regional and national publications in the UK and South Africa. She has made numerous television appearances in South Africa. She delivers talks on baby care at NCT conferences and at the Baby Show in the UK and at many locations across South Africa. Megan runs practice in Cape Town where she sees babies and toddlers with sleep problems and sensory processing difficulties. She is married with a son and two daughters.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at therapists.

The course is also appropriate for non-therapists who work with infants with a basic knowledge of SI.

 It is assumed that course participants will have a basic knowledge of SI, as there is only a broad overview given on the course. 

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