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Creating a Network of SI Researchers

Have you completed an SI related Research Project, Clinical Audit, Service Evaluation or a Literature Review? 

Would you like to become part of an SI Research network sharing findings, articles, support to others researching similar things. The Researcher Support Committee will hold a central database of this research activity to develop links for current and future SI researchers. 

Let us know about your SI research and findings by completing this short online form.

Research advice for parents

This useful resource that provides information directed at parents / those new to research who wish to be able to identify, analyse and interpret research from different sources. The guide provides the reader with a set of tools and resources to be able to evaluate and identify reputable research. Although the guide is aimed at parents of children with autism, the information provided in relation to sourcing and evaluating research is applicable to any topic e.g. sensory integration.

Researcher Support Committee and Grant Review Panel

  • Profession specific experts (Amy Stephens, Cathy Maguire, Jacqui Rogers)
  • Novice Researcher Support (Sarah Hyde)

To work with the Director of Researcher Development in providing support for UK/Ireland based ‘Novice researchers’ who are without formal training in SI, seeking to increase their knowledge about its evidence base including but not exclusive to parents, educators, service users and clinicians with introductory knowledge of SI.

  • Early Career Researcher Support (Helen Justice)

To work with the Director of Researcher Development in providing support for UK/Ireland based ‘Early Career Researchers’ who have completed post graduate training through the SI Network (or international equivalent),who may have research experience but are new to research in SI.

  • Advanced Researcher Support (Tanya Rihtman)

Providing support for UK/Ireland based ‘Advanced (experienced) Researchers’ in areas of investigation outside of SI, to develop their knowledge, skills and training to enable engagement in SI related research.

  • Service User (Steve McGuiness)
  • Review Panel Policy & Service - (Sue Allen)
  • Review Panel Adults and Older Adults (Lesley Collier)
  • Review Panel Neuroscience (Jacqui Rogers)
  • Review Panel (Audrey Yong)
  • Review Panel Medical (Lesley Kilshaw)

Research Governance Policy

What is Research Governance?

Governance of research is defined as setting standards; defining mechanisms to deliver standards; monitoring and assessing arrangements; improving research quality and safeguarding the public (by enhancing ethical and scientific quality, promoting good practice, reducing adverse incidents, ensuring that lessons are learned and preventing poor performance and misconduct). (DoH, March 2001, pp.2).

What are the SI Network’s responsibilities for Research Governance?

  • Ensuring our members have a clear choice as to whether or not they wish to receive information about research studies seeking participants, or not
  • Arranging for an appropriate person/s to grant permission for research involving our members, students and staff before the research starts 
  • Ensuring appropriate sponsorship arrangements are in place 
  • Conducting our own independent review to assure ourselves that any such research is conducted to the quality standards set out in the research governance framework which governs the study. We use the ethics review checklist, produced by the Open University, to ensure that the necessary ethical considerations have been taken into account by the researcher (Iphofen, R. (2009) Ethical decision making in social research. A practical guide, London: Palgrave Macmillan – pages 185-199).
  • Retaining responsibility for the care of any participants to whom we have a duty
  • Ensuring that any research we fund provides value for money. 

We recognise that any research being conducted in collaboration with the NHS is required to comply with the Research Governance Framework for Health & Social Care and also with various NHS and HSC trust research management procedures. 

Please download the full SI Network Research Governance Policy.

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