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SI Network Newsletter 1st July 2016

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Euro 2016 and Wimbledon have captivated the nation over the past two months, England’s cricket teams have been busy, and now we look forward to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. People with sensory processing difficulties can find sports participation challenging, but can still take part in summer and sporting activities. Elite sports people require highly refined sensory integration with exceptional skill levels, especially in areas of body awareness, spatial awareness, postural control, praxis, rhythm and timing.

In this edition of EmphaSIze, we celebrate Dr A Jean Ayres, we launch online practitioner training, look at some science and news articles, and consider tips, resources and mainstream equipment that can contribute to developing skills for sport.

Cathy Warne, Editor

Online Practitioner Training Launched!

Therapists can now book onto our Online SI Network Practitioner courses. See the latest news on the plans and book online hereDue to popular demand we have also added an extra classroom SI Module 1 date in November.

New Sales Managers

This month we welcome Mel Homan and Gill Tree, our new sales managers whose role is to promote our popular Sensory Integration educational courses, identify market gaps and to source new and exciting training for our members and new audiences. See more.

New Publication Team Members

Changes are also afoot in the publications teams. Sharon Woolf has recently been appointed to the role of Deputy Editor of SensorNet to work alongside Gina Daly. Kate Bradley and Nikki White will become the new co-editors of EmphaSIze when Cathy Warne steps down in the autumn.

Calling Researchers

The SI Network is committed to support early career and clinical researchers. If you would like to find out about grants available from the SI Network, see here.

A person with a strong background in research (not necessarily in SI) is sought to join the SI Network Research Committee and support Advanced Researchers in SI. See more.

Why are so many of us over-sensitive?

The mother of a child with SPD and a young woman who has SPD, describe personal experience. OT Lucy Jane Miller, who studied with A Jean Ayres, and a paediatric professor explain the science.

Study Shows How Judgment of Sensory Simultaneity May Develop in the Brain

Animal studies have helped progress understanding about how the human brain develops the ability to judge sensory inputs as simultaneous. See more.

Jean’s Legacy at 96

The ASI 2020 Vision team celebrated A Jean Ayres 96th birthday and her legacy by working hard all day on developing the next set of tests for the EASI, and hope she would be pleased by what is planned for her 100th in 2020.

Jean’s Clinic

You can watch video footage of Dr A Jean Ayres treating children in her clinic, accompanied by narration from Dr Lucy Jane Miller.

Sensory Yoga for Kids: Therapeutic Movement for Children of all Abilities

Britt Collins

Occupational therapist Britt Collins guides readers on how to use yoga to help address sensory processing disorder, increasing body awareness and fine tuning coordination skills.

How to Support Pupils with Sensory Processing Needs

Lois Addy

This book has been written to describe sensory responses which may affect a pupil’s ability to learn, responses which look unusual or out of context, and explains these in the context of a fluctuating sensory system. It provides strategies, resources, and interventions to help teachers and parents reduce the impact of these on the child or young person’s ability to learn.

Sensory Processing 101

Dayna Abraham, Claire Heffron, Pamela Braley, Lauren Drobnjak

This colourful book of text and photos, looks in turn at each of the sensory systems, explores therapist, parent or educator perspectives on sensory processing disorder, and offers ideas for everyday activities that could help.

Are You Quick Enough? 

Described as ‘the ultimate reaction test’, this games will really challenge eye-hand coordination. Apple.

iOT Session

Designed by an OT, this app aims to improve visual tracking, bilateral coordination, visual perception, fine motor/dexterity, visual scanning, and letter formation. Apple or Android.

Source Point

This highly rated app tests reflexes and spatial awareness with a simple matching game - rotate the ring and match the balls to the segment of the same colour. Apple or Anroid.

New Job Vacancies

PAEDIATRIC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST - Maximum Potential, International Independent Paediatric Therapy and Education Service London

Paediatric Occupational Therapist (Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment Intervention) - The Child Psychology Service CIC, West Midlands

Paediatric Occupational Therapist - Beanstalk Children's Therapy, UK

Occupational Therapist - Eagle House School (Sutton), London

Occupational Therapist - Swalcliffe Park School, South East

Occupational Therapist - Alderwasley Hall School, East Midlands

Occupational Therapist - International Community School, London

See more

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There is much talk on social media about #AutismTMI virtual reality experience. @NAS are using it to promote people to sign a petition to help make the high street more ‘autistic-friendly’. What do you think of the campaign? Take a look for yourself here.

‘SI – Wow!’ Moments

In recognition of the awesome sensory processing skills of elite sports people, we will be noting ‘SI – Wow!’ moments this month. Have you seen sports people demonstrate incredible sensory integration, such as fabulous footwork, sensational spatial awareness, brilliant ball-touch, or dazzling balance, from Olympians and Paralympians alike?

Please drop us a line via our Facebook page with links to video clips. To start the ball rolling, your EmphaSIze editor will never tire of watching Andy Murray’s Davis Cup final 2015 match point.

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The enormous power of the unconscious brain

Rhythm, timing, speed and accuracy are all critical for sporting success. In this BBC Future Article,TV presenter and Neuroscientist, David Eagleman, discusses how we develop skill through practice - a fascinating read for those interested in sport and the sensory feedback versus sensory feed forward mechanisms of movement control.

Superhero Abilities

The father of a girl with Spina Bifida has become a full time artist after his superhero comic book creation, The Department of Ability, was signed for publication. The comic which features people using disabilities as superpowers, has the support of a big name in Marvel comics. We can't wait to see if a superhero with SI difficulties is created in the future.

Airport Lanyard

Gatwick airport has launched a lanyard scheme, which helps staff discreetly identify people who have hidden disabilities. Sensory challenges and sensory overload are specifically mentioned. 

Seamless underwear

This seamless underwear, designed to be low friction for sportspeople, could offer fashionable low-irritation underwear for people with tactile sensitivity. 

Yoga swing

Challenge head and body positioning for people who are sensory seeking and impulsive. YouTube videos exists to help with ideas.

Sensory Processing Disorder and Sports

Four areas to consider when selecting the most appropriate sport for a person with spd.

If watching tennis recently has inspired a person you know with SPD to take up tennis, this guide on preparatory ball-hitting skills may be of interest.

A blog article on the ten best sports to help children with sensory processing development.

Do you have a child who has SPD, loves football, but struggles with the environment of football stadia? See more.

Differential Postural Control and Sensory Organization in Young Tennis Players and Taekwondo Practitioners

Shirley S. M. Fong; Joanne W. Y. Chung [et al]; Shamay S. M. Ng; Ada W. W. Ma; Lina P. Y. Chow; William W. Tsang - Motor Control, Apr 2014, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p103-111

This study compared the sensory organisation and standing balance of adolescent tennis players, taekwondo practitioners and healthy control participants. Tennis players swayed less when they relied more on visual input to maintain balance, whereas taekwondo practitioners were more stable when standing on one leg.

Brains and Sprains: The Brain's Role in Noncontact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Charles “Buz” Swanik - Journal of Athletic Training, October 2015, Vol. 50, No. 10, pp. 1100-1102

We need efficient dialogue between sensory and motor systems to excel at sport. Disruptions in optimal sensory motor dialogue just before joint loading occurs may contribute to sports injuries. This article explores the relationship between the brain and sprains. 

Integration of audio-visual information for spatial decisions in children and adults

Marko Nardini, Jennifer Bales and Denis Mareschal - Developmental Science, Online: 17 July 2015

This study of speed of response to audio-visual targets, found that, when judging the locations of targets, children aged 4 to 12 years and adults had faster and less variable response times given auditory and visual information together, compared with either sensory input alone. 

Eating Made Easier the Sensory Way

As a parent or therapist new to sensory integration this three day course will introduce you to sensory integration and how it links to development, learning and participation in everyday life, with a particular focus on eating while considering related oral motor difficulties.
Audience: Open to all
Date: 5th to 7th September 2016 
Venue: Liverpool.
Fee: £555 See more.

Sensory Strategies for Everyone – The Magic of Muscle Stretch and Heavy Work

This one day course will explore the sense of proprioception – the sense that comes from moving our muscles. Often forgotten, ignored and definitely under-rated, proprioception makes daily life possible.
Audience: Open to all
Date:17th September 2016 
Venue: Birmingham.
Fee: £155 See more.

Feeding Difficulties and Sensory Issues

This two day course explores different types of feeding difficulties related to sensory issues.
Audience: Open to therapists
Date:19-20th September 2016 
Venue: Dublin.
Fee: £370 See more.

Extra SI Module 1 date released

Due to popular demand we have released an additional classroom SI Module 1 course - the starting module to qualify as an SI practitioner.
Audience: OTs, PTs & SLTs
Date: 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2016. 
Venue: Birmingham
Fee: £975. Places limited. Payment plans available. See more.

SI Module 2/3: From Assessment to Interpretation

This course aims to develop the participants’ skills in evaluation and clinical reasoning based on a sensory integration framework. 
Audience: OTs, PTs & SLTs
Date: 10-14 Oct 2016 & 9-14 Jan 2017
Venue: Birmingham
Fee: £1950. Places limited. Payment plans available. See more.

Sensory Attachment Intervention: Level 1 

This Sensory Attachment Intervention level 1 introduces therapists to sensory-attachment intervention and teaches how to:

- differentiate between sensory and attachment based behaviours;
- treat sensory integration disorders;
- adapt sensory integration interventions for attachment-trauma.

Audience: OTs, PTs & SLTs
Date: Block 1:  7-10 Feb 2017 and Block 2: 18-19 May 2017 
Venue: Harrogate
Fee: £1300. Payment plans available. See more.

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Our experienced lecturers can now provide many of our quality SI training courses on your site! Save staff travel / accommodation costs and time away from work. See here for on-site course details.

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