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SI Network Newsletter 1st October 2016

Strictly Sensory Integration

Welcome to October’s newsletter! 

Kate and I are the new co-editors and are very excited to be bringing you all the latest news and resources from the SI Network. To meet us and see what we look like waltz over to the website.  Speaking of waltzing, we hope all our UK readers are enjoying the latest TV series of Strictly Come Dancing? Watching the grace and fluidity of movement of the dancers we are in awe of the amazing levels of sensory integration they have (or in some cases the lack of it!). 

For those with Dyspraxia, coordinating every day movements must feel a bit like trying to master the complex moves of the Argentine Tango, or perhaps the jive, on a daily basis. Find out more here. October 9-15th is Dyspraxia Awareness Week so this month we are bringing you both dance and praxis resources to reflect these events. The combination of music and movement that dancing provides, gives not only sensory and physical input, but mental benefits too.  It can therefore be an important coping tool for some living with mental illness - a topic observed annually on 10th Oct on World Mental Health Day.  

Kate Bradley and Nikki White

More graduates complete the SI Modular Pathway programme

Congratulations to the 40 Advanced SI Practitioners from the class of 2015-16 who have successfully completed Module 4 of the SI Modular Pathway, in association with Ulster University. Special congratulations for their outstanding performance go to Giannella Attard (PGCert) and Ciara Feehan (PGDip).

Spot the Editor!

For those taking SI Module 2/3 later on this month, watch out for the purple hair! Nikki is going to be there so please come and say 'Hi' if you’re planning to attend!

Come and say hello at The OT Show 22-23 November

Visitors to our stand (H25) in the main arena can come and meet the team and find out more about the SI Online programmes for 2017 onwards. To make the most of your visit use the interactive timetable to plan. For example the Paediatric Trail is a programme full of relevant CPD opportunities, as well as an exhibitor list dedicated to paediatric products and services.

Does an athlete’s highly tuned sensory motor abilities give them an edge?

As Strictly welcomes two Olympian’s this year, will Greg Rutherford and Claudia Fragapane have an edge over the other contestants with their enhanced gross motor skills, proprioceptive and vestibular processing and body scheme?

Dance lessons on the NHS?

Have you pledged your Change for Life? Shake it, move it, twerk it, NHS backs dance sensory motor movement for multiple health benefits.

Rhythm enhances language

Interesting article exploring the link between rhythm and neural pathways for language development.

P-A-R-T….Y? Because it’s school!!

Great article highlighting the impact dance and music has on the developing brain. Written by teachers for teachers, it highlights the benefits of using dance and music in the classroom to assist learning.

ASI 2020 Vision

Get involved with the latest news, information and inspiration from the Ayres 2020 Vision community.

European SI Congress 2017

Keep up to date with preparations for the European SI Congress in Vienna next year by visiting ESIC2017 or the Facebook page.

Dancing with Dyspraxia: a Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers

Carr, H (2008)

A book written by the mother of a child with dyspraxia. The author aims to answer questions parents and professionals may have and provide practical tips for managing the condition on a day to day basis.  See more

The Kinesthetic Classroom Teaching and Learning through movement

Lengel, T et al (2010)

Another practical book on advice on integrating movement into the classroom. The authors advocate that movement is not just for the PE lesson, but should be integrated into all lessons to assist with learning.  See more

New Job Vacancies

Occupational Therapist - Future Steps Consultancy, North East

Occupational Therapists - Prior's Court, Berkshire

Highly Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapists - Fairley House School, London

Occupational Therapy Assistant - The Link Primary School, South East

Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapist – Band 6 or Band 7 equivalent - Fairley House School, London

Occupational Therapist - The Together Trust, Bolton, North West England

Occupational Therapist Opportunities - The Together Trust, Cheadle, North West England

Occupational TherapistThe Together Trust, Wigan, North West England

Occupational Therapy Specialist Practitioner - Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, South West England

Occupational Therapist Band 5 & Band 6 - Lindon Bennett School, London Borough of Hounslow, South East England

Speech & Language Therapists Band 5 and Band 6 - Lindon Bennett School, London Borough of Hounslow, South East England

Occupational Therapist - Ministry of Education, George Town, Cayman Islands 

Sensory Integration (Informed) Practitioner (OT, Physiotherapist or SLT) - Family Futures CIC, London

Paediatric Occupational Therapist - Children's Therapy Solutions Ltd, East Midlands

Speech & Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist and Physiotherapist - Lotus Medical Clinic, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Occupational Therapist - Sufi School for Special Learners, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

See more

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Lead Editor - Nikki White

Support Editor - Kate Bradley

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Dance like a pro

The Next Step Dance Academy- Learn to dance like a pro and work on your gross motor skills.  Apple 

My Little Yoga For Kids

Simple games and poses to introduce yoga to children. Apple or Android

Get inside your brain

SI Network’s Facebook page highlight this month is a realistic 3-D visualisation of the human brain. With over 2 million worldwide views, and 78 likes from page followers, make sure you check it out too!  

SI Network Forum

Ask a question - Provide an answer! See here

Get their toes tapping

These nifty little bows turn any pair of shoes into tap shoes! Great to give additional auditory and tactile feedback when completing any gross motor movements. See more

Groovy chillout or high tempo rave?

Any light fixture can become a disco ball with this adapted light bulb. Team it with slow music for a chilled, calming space or fast paced dance music for a stimulating environment. See more

Stretch and move for increased feedback

The stretchy dance sack made out of firm lycra provides great proprioceptive feedback when pushing and pulling against it. See more

Put a spring in your step

A helping hand to get your dancing shoes on- elastic laces, great for children with dyspraxia. See more

Get your brain dancing

Gary Reed presents “The Brain Dance”, on Vimeo. Eight developmental movement patterns to encourage coordinating movements. These patterns include crossing the midline and bilateral coordination-ideal for people demonstrating BIS difficulties. See more

Get your fingers tapping to the typing beat

BBC Bitesize Dance mat typing - a fun way to learn touch typing! Touch typing is a great alternative to handwriting for those with Dyspraxia, not only to assist with presentation, but also to prevent the fatigue that handwriting causes. This app has the added benefit of using the sensory stimulation of music to assist with learning the finger movements.  See more

Effects of Dance on Motor Functions, Cognitive Function, and Mental Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease: A Quasi-randomized pilot trial

Hashimoto, H et al (2015)

Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 23(2), p210-219. Does what it says on the tin! The effects may surprise you….See more

Effects of Movement Sequences and Creative Dance on Balance of Children with Mental Retardation

Boswell, B. (1993)

Three sensory systems were found to be vital in developing balance, but which three?  See more

SI for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Promoting Participation in Daily Life - Adolescents, Adults & Older Adults in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services including forensic and secure settings. From 16 to 60 and beyond. 

Audience: Open to all.

Date: 1-2 Nov 2016 

Venue: Birmingham

Fee: £370. Payment plans available. See more.

Applying SI Therapy Principles with Older Adults

An overview of ways in which therapists can combine Sensory Integration therapy into personalised and everyday life activities for those living with organic brain disorders, such as dementia. 

Audience: Open to all.

Date: 3 Nov 2016

Venue: Birmingham

Fee: £185. Payment plans available. See more.

SI Module 1: Foundations and Neuroscience

Due to popular demand we have released an additional classroom SI Module 1 course - the starting module to qualify as an SI practitioner.

Audience: OTs, PTs & SLTs

Date: 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2016. 

Venue: Birmingham

Fee: £975. Places limited. Payment plans available. See more.

SI Module 2/3: From Assessment to Interpretation

This course aims to develop the participants’ skills in evaluation and clinical reasoning based on a sensory integration framework. 

Audience: OTs, PTs & SLTs

Date: 10-14 Oct 2016 & 9-14 Jan 2017

Venue: Birmingham

Fee: £1950. Places limited. Payment plans available. See more.

Hold a course at your venue and save up to 60%  

Our experienced lecturers can now provide many of our quality SI training courses on your site! Save staff travel / accommodation costs and time away from work. See here for on-site course details.

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