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SI Network Newsletter 1st February 2017

CPD, vision and perception

This issue of EmphaSIze is dedicated to ongoing continued professional development (CPD), vision and perception. Vision and the way we interpret this sense through visual perception are important skills needed for developing reading and writing. These are two essential skills needed when completing our CPD! Our editors picks this month will focus on stimulating the visual sense and developing visual perception. We will also look at some ways that you can participate in CPD activities using the resources of the SI Network and share with you what other members have already been busy doing. Happy reading!

Nikki White

  SI Network News

Complex Trauma In Children course proves a huge hit with members 

A brand new course Complex Trauma in Children hosted by Franca Brenninkmeyer, Head of Child and Family Service, PAC-UK, made its debut on the SI Network training circuit earlier this month. SI Network members, Emma Jerman and Annie Doubleday, gave us some feedback from the day. 

Meet a member

This month, read our article about our member Alison Double, an OT who attended the first ever Adult with Learning disability Sensory Integration course in 1995 and is now championing SI with her own students.  


Learning Through Touch: Supporting Children with Visual Impairments and Additional Difficulties 

This book contains a portfolio of activities to use with people with visual impairments.

Basic Vision: An Introduction To Visual Perception

This book explores the neuroscience behind vision and perception.


Feeding Difficulties and Sensory Issues

This 2 day course explores different types of feeding difficulties related to sensory issues.  Many of the children treated in occupational therapy for sensory integration disorders experience difficulties with feeding. Sensory issues are often overlooked, or misinterpreted as behavioural problems. This course is about clinical reasoning concerning children who are very selective in their food choices, or refuse to eat without apparent cause.
  • Audience:  Therapists
  • Date:  9-10 February 2017
  • Venue:  Birmingham
  • Fee:  £370. Payment plan available.  

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Intervention Strategies

This course will expand the participant’s knowledge of the characteristics and current theories that relate to Autism Spectrum Disorders and other diagnosis with sensory based components. We will look in depth at many of the sensory, motor, functional and learning difficulties encountered by our clients. 
  • Audience:  Everyone
  • Date:  7-8 March 2017
  • Venue:  Birmingham
  • Fee:  £380. Payment plan available.  

Is It Sensory or Is It Behaviour? Changing Behaviours to Improve Functional Performance and Participation

This course will delve into the confusing and challenging behaviors that children and adults often demonstrate; addressing the question Is it sensory or is it behaviour?

  • Audience:  Everyone
  • Date:  9-10 March 2017
  • Venue:  Birmingham
  • Fee:  £380. Payment plan available.  

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Lead Editor - Nikki White 

Support Editor - Kate Bradley

If you have some extraordinary SI News you wish to share and celebrate through the Network, please contact us through our Social Media or directly to nicola.white@sensoryintegration.org.uk 

or kate.bradley@sensoryintegration.org.uk

  SI Global

ESIC 2017 - Provisional Scientific Programme Announced with 10 members successful

The scientific committee for ESIC 2017 has now published a provisional programme for its pre-congress workshops and two-day congress. What a great line-up of speakers and topics including 10 of our very own members.

  SI Social

Don’t have time to attend a course? 

Why not check out the new online options with the SI network? Over 800 of the SI Network Facebook followers have watched the video about the new SI online courses and the role of e-mentors. If you haven’t yet watched this, click through here.

A quick test of your own visual perception skills. Get a timer ready before you click through! 


Visual tracking magnifiers 

They can help to focus the eyes on the line of text that is being read. 

SET - The Visual Perception Game

A quick card game for ages 6+ works on logical, spatial and visual perception skills. 


Visual Attention Therapy 

This has been designed to improve scanning abilities. The lite version allows you to test out some of the functionality of the app for free. iPad only.

Which One is Different? 

Visual Game for Preschool for young children is designed to develop visual focusing and tracking skills. iPad and iPhone only.


Visual Perception Skills

Photocopiable activities to improve visual understanding. Worksheets that are aimed towards younger children to develop perceptual skills. 

Visual Processing: Eye and Retina

This website provides a free online chapter exploring the neuroscience of visual processing - great CPD from the comfort of your own home!


Deficits in vision and visual attention associated with motor performance of very preterm/very low birth weight children

Geldofa, C. J. A. et al (2016)  Research in Developmental Disabilities, 53-54, p.258–266.                                              

Sensory integration during reaching: the effects of manipulating visual target availability

Khanafer, S. and Cressman, E. K. (2014)  Experimental Brain Research, 232, p.3833–3846. 

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