Postgraduate Certificate in Sensory Integration

What do I need to do to practise sensory integration therapy?

To gain our gold standard, SIE-accredited Sensory Integration Practitioner status, therapists must complete and pass the Postgraduate Certificate in Sensory Integration, taken through Sensory Integration Education and accredited by Ulster University. 

This qualification is made up of the following three modules:

 Module  Credits  Online  Member Fee  Classroom  Member Fee
 SI Module 1: Foundations and Neuroscience  30  Yes 16 weeks  £899  Yes 10 weeks  £1,175
 SI Module 2: Clinical Reasoning in Sensory Integration - Assessment  20  Yes 16 weeks  £899    
 SI Module 3: Intervention  20  Yes 16 weeks  £899 (or £199*)    

SI Modules 1, 2 and 3 are taken directly with Sensory Integration Education and are accredited by Ulster University. Two-year Gold membership fee: £70. 

* Students who have previously completed the old classroom SI Module 2/3 course, are required to pass the new online SI Module 3 course (reduced fee of £199) before starting online SI Module 4. This is because some content from the original SI Module 4 course has now moved into the online SI Module 3 course. 

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