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Online SI Module 4: Advanced Practice (follow on from SI Module 3)

This module is for students who are taking the SI Module 3 online course route. If you have previously passed the classroom SI Module 3 course, then you can see your SI Module 4 course here.


SI Module 4: Advanced Practice will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills you require to become an SI Advanced Practitioner working across settings and clinical populations. In addition to achieving the SI Advanced Practitioner status, you can work towards a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Sensory Integration.

Within the UK, the NHS Health Education England definition of advanced clinical practice, which has currency worldwide, states that “It is a level of practice characterised by a high degree of autonomy and complex decision making. This is underpinned by a master’s level award or equivalent that encompasses the four pillars of clinical practice, leadership and management, education and research, with demonstration of core capabilities and area specific clinical competence. Advanced clinical practice embodies the ability to manage clinical care in partnership with individuals, families and carers. It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance people’s experience and improve outcomes”.

This module has been designed around these principles. In doing so, you will further develop your knowledge and skills gained from your PG Certificate in SI.

There are three themes around which your advanced practitioner learning is focused:

  • Clinical practice
  • Clinical application of research
  • Clinical service development

In order to support your advancing clinical reasoning and clinical skill development, you will hear from national and international experts, in addition to SIE-certified Advanced Practitioners. Our Advanced Practitioner Module e-Mentors will continue to support your learning throughout. In order to ground your developing skills, you will undertake 20 hours of clinical practice supported by a Clinical Mentor. All learning is supported by high quality, specifically-commissioned, online learning content.

    Participants: Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists and Physiotherapists only
    Length: 16 weeks, 24-hour online access, 30 hours of course content.  In order that you can refer back to teaching the course content is available to you for 12 months.
    Fee Options: Gold Member: £949    (Instalment plan option available).  In addition, you will need to pay for three 1-hour Clinical Mentoring sessions if you do not have an appropriate Clinical Mentor in your workplace. We have a register of Advanced SI Practitioner Clinical Mentors who can offer the required mentoring and charge approximately £50 per hour. This is a private arrangement between the mentor and mentee. You can see more information under 'Clinical Experience Requirement' below.
    Directors: Lelanie Brewer, Director of Education Programmes, SIE and Dr Greg Kelly, Ulster University


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