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Online Courses:

 (73N)Supporting Individuals with Feeding Difficulties 10+ hours
  Infant Sense Training 

(59V) Part 1: SI, Relationships and Self-regulation in Infants and Toddlers 5.5 hours 
  (62V) Part 2: Infant Regulatory Disorders of Mood, Sleep and Feeding 5.5 hours
  (63V) Part 3: Sensory Integration Disorders 5.5 hours
    Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties  

(33N) For Everyone 4 hours
  (56N) For Schools 4 hours
  (57N) Making Sense of Play 4.5 hours
  (65V) How to use the SPD Nosology: Clinical Understanding and Application
2 hours 
  (66V) Sensory Integration/Processing and Sense of Self 2 hours
 (67V)Is it ADHD, SPD, or Both? 2 hours
  ASI Space 
 (72N)Designing Your Own ASI Space5 hours
  Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration  
  (58N) In Children - a Guide for Parents and Carers
1 hour 
 (71N)In Teenagers and Young Adults - a Guide for Parents and Carers1 hour
  (70N) In Adults with Learning Disabilities 1 hour 

If you wish to access an SI MSc Pathway course click here.

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