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Judith Mitchell

Sensory Integration Collaborative Course Lead, Sensory Integration Education & Sheffield Hallam University Placement Lead, Occupational Therapy, Sheffield Hallam University

I started working in forensic mental health in 1991 as a therapy assistant whilst I was training to be an occupational therapist and was bitten by the mental health bug, going on to work in this area for many years.

My particular interest is working with people with complex needs and behaviours which challenge, diagnostically this often meant psychosis, personality disorder and neurodevelopmental conditions. However, that diagnosis was only part of the experience so my work often took a wider approach, looking at behaviour as communication and exploring the impact of environment and early life experience, particularly trauma.

I was introduced to the concept of sensory integration around fifteen years ago by a colleague, I took this forward into different roles, completing SI1 and going on as a service manager to explore the use of a sensory informed approach in mental health and supporting staff in training. I was fortunate to be able to incorporate study around the use of sensory integration in mental health into my MSc.

On a personal level, our family involves adoption, learning disability and autism. Having some knowledge of sensory processing and integration has enabled us to develop modulation strategies and work on praxis, both in the home and at school. This has made a big difference to life and has inspired me and the school staff to build on this more widely.

I have worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 2012, working as placement lead and joint BSc Course lead. I have missed clinical work during this time so managed to fulfil a long-held goal of completing my yoga teacher training. Heavily inspired by the experience of my own family, I now deliver trauma and sensory informed yoga to adults with a range of mental health needs and children with SEND and their families.

I am really looking forward to working with the team at Sensory Integration Education, to support students through their SI learning experience. My role, as collaborative course lead, is to ensure that the processes connected with studying at a university run smoothly and that you get access to all the resources and benefits which are available to you.  

Enjoy your studies with Sensory Integration Education and welcome to Sheffield Hallam!

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