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Infant Sense Integration Training Part 1:

SI, Relationships and Self-regulation in Infants and Toddlers - Live Online Training Day


Infancy and the two years beyond are known as ‘The 1001 critical days’. It is during this period that the infant develops the foundations for future learning, relationships and behaviour.

At birth, a newborn’s genetic and congenital make-up provides a base for their engagement style, based on the infant’s sensory profile. The way the infant is nurtured, their early relationships and goodness of fit between sensory processing and the environment, strongly influences the baby’s ability to self-regulate. Adaptive self-regulation is the foundation of most aspects of learning and function.

This course will equip therapists to recognise a baby/toddler’s sensory processing style, assist parents to build constructive early engagement and relationships and in so doing promote self-regulation in the infant and toddler.

An SIE certificate of attendance will be emailed to you after the course.

 Audience:Therapists and Psychologists. Open to all professionals. Prior sensory integration knowledge not required.

30th October 2020.

5.5 hours - Live, interactive, online training day will start at 9.30 am UK time. The course will finish at 3.10 pm. There will be 3 sessions of 1.5 hours with a break between each session.

 Fee: £65  Also Includes Free Affiliate Membership
 Lecturer: Meg Faure, Occupational Therapist and Author of Baby Sense, Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense and more
 Requirements: Zoom - participants will need a Computer/Tablet with browser, good internet access and speakers to hear the presenter.

You will receive an email with instructions for accessing the webinar before the course.

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